Clumping Pine Cat Litter

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Clumping Pine Cat Litter


Pine Wood Powder, Pine Needles, Premium Pea Fiber, Natural Guar Gum


1.5 mm/2.0 mm/3.0 mm


Palm Color

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Our Thin Pine Cat Litter
Our pine wood clumping cat litter is made from natural pine wood needles, corn,
and pea fiber. It is chemical-free and safe for both the owners and the pets. Natural
pine wood is biodegradable which is deemed to be eco-friendly can be discarded
easily and can serve as your garden fertilizer too. On top of our cat litter having
excellent clumping ability, wood has the natural ability to trap liquid, which makes
this an excellent environmentally friendly product.

Natural Pine Wood Scent – No Additional Fragrances!

Pine wood has a natural ability to trap odor as such it is a good choice for odor
control. It has a natural wood odor and not does contain any irritating chemical
fragrances, only its natural aroma deodorizing the surroundings and creating a
natural environment. It is very suitable for small confined areas.



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