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We're a Comprehensive Pet Product Factory. Main Products: Cat Litter, Scratching & Climbing Items, Feeding Dishes, and Cat Health Care & Hygiene Products, etc.

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Founded in 2008 in Hubei, Petsbetterchoice & Yuchong has decided to make premium, reliable, and cost-effective pet products

Senior R&D Staff
160 patents, 100 R&D Staff, superior technology, and workmanship
Years Experience
With 15 years of experience focusing on cat & dog products, we can offer you a one-stop cat & dog product solution provider for pet grooming, cleaning, resting, and feeding.
㎡ Factory
Yuchong Factory takes up more than 260000 square meters and it consists of 6 advanced pet products workshops
Annual Output(Ton)
With experience in exporting to over 50 countries and an annual production exceeding 300,000 tons, Yuchong is one of the world's biggest comprehensive pet product manufacturers.
6 Advanced Pet Products Workshops

We Are The solution to your pet product supply chain

Cost-Effective, Short Lead Time, Complete Product Portfolio, Excellent Performance, One-stop Shopping

Pet Hygiene & Cleaning Products Workshop

Pet hygiene & cleaning product workshop has a monthly production capacity of 300,000 bottles, and the categories of pet hygiene & cleaning water-based products have reached more than 210 kinds.

Cat Litter Workshop

The cat litter product workshop has a monthly production capacity of 1000 Tons, and Our main cat litter products include Tofu Cat litter, Bentonite Cat Litter, Millet Cat Litter, Mixed Cat Litter, Crushed Corn Cat Litter

Cat Climbing Frame Workshop

The climbing frame production workshop has a monthly production capacity of 80,000 pieces, with categories covering ordinary cat climbing frames, veneered cat climbing frames, solid wood cat climbing frames, etc.

Pet Plastic Products Workshop

The production workshop of plastic pet products has a monthly capacity of 260,000 pieces, covering products such as cat litter boxes and cat litter houses.

Corrugated Paper Workshop

The cat scratching board production workshop mainly produces three major categories: round corrugated paper cat scratching nests with plastic shells, multi-layer corrugated paper modeling cat scratching boards, and simple cat scratching boards in cartons.

Pet Cage Workshop

The monthly production capacity of the pet cage production workshop is 5,000 pieces. The products mainly include wire cages, square tube wire cages, solid wood cages, square tube wire solid wood cages and other high-end products

Why choose us

We Are the experts on pet Products

With experience in exporting to over 50 countries, 6 advanced pet product workshops, and an annual production exceeding 300,000 Tons, Petsbetterchoice & Yuchong is one of the world’s biggest one-stop pet product manufacturers. Our very own product testing labs ensure the high quality and reliability of all of our products.
With our stable production system, years of overseas trading experience, complete support supply, and professional service team, we can ensure accurate and timely delivery of customer orders to all parts of the world. We are pet products specialists with flexible and versatile one-stop business service, we can offer you free samples for testing. From package design to shipment, let us handle all the hard work for you.
We strive to offer our customers unique products and the best service that can satisfy the requirements of their market.

One-stop Shopping
Certified Manufacturer
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We can offer you samples of less than 5kg for free if you are willing to pay the shipping cost


customization service

Products Customization

We provide customers with personalized product customization services: customized cat litter particle diameter, customized cat climbing frame design, size, etc.

Packaging Customization

We offer you a wide choice of customized packages such as plastic bags, plastic jugs, strong woven, paper sacks, and bottles, bulk packing is available in ton sacks and white plain-woven sacks

Fragrance Customization

All scents can be customized according to your requirements, we can offer hypoallergenic fragrances, liquid fragrances and powder fragrances for your choice

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