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Founded in 2008 with two factories, Petsbetterchoice has decided to make premium, reliable, and cost-effective cat litter products

Senior R&D Staff
15 patents, 10 R&D Staff, superior technology, and workmanship
Years Experience
With 15 years of experience focusing on cat litter products, we can offer you a one-stop cat litter solution.
㎡ Factory
Our Two Factories take up more than 26000 square meters and it consists of 6 advanced cat litter workshops
Annual Output(Ton)
With experience in exporting to over 50 countries and an annual production exceeding 200,000 tons, Pets Better Choice is one of the world's biggest comprehensive cat litter manufacturers.
Advanced Cat Litter Workshops

We Are The solution to your Cat Litter supply chain

Cost-Effective, Short Lead Time, Complete Product Portfolio, Excellent Performance, One-stop Shopping

Bentonite Mine

Our cat litter is mined from the Middle-Late Jurassic strata of the Cretaceous Period, formed through the deposition of volcanic ash into deep-layered montmorillonite mines. Thanks to its unique aluminum-octahedral layered structure, this natural bentonite boasts innate capabilities to absorb odors. lt is the best material for cat litter.

Cat Litter Lab

Our laboratory is equipped with various instruments to test the performance of cat litter. We rigorously monitor the performance indicators of each batch of cat litter to ensure strict adherence to standards. From absorption rate and dust content to powdering rate and clumping strength, every batch of cat litter meets exceptionally high standards.


We have five granulations in total, comprising one production line for tofu cat litter and two production lines for crushed plant-based cat litter. With an annual production capacity of 200,000 tons, we can meet the production and delivery deadlines of the vast majority of our customers.

Finished product warehouse

Our factory's finished product warehouse area covers 8000 square meters, providing ample space for the temporary storage of our customer's goods.

Pakcaging Workshop

The factory is equipped with nine vacuum packaging machines, catering to various packaging and bundling requirements of our clients.

Raw Material Warehouse

The raw material warehouse covers an area of 5000 square meters and maintains a stock of at least 500 tons of soybean residue on a regular basis to meet the daily production needs.

Why choose us

We Are the experts on pet Products

Pets Better Choice is a professional export company engaged in the manufacturing, sales, and customization service of plant-based and bentonite cat litter products. It operates two cat litter production factories: a high-end mineral and bentonite cat litter production based in Liaoning, and a premium plant-based cat litter production based in Shandong. In addition to expanding. Its independent brands, the company also provides OEM private label production for leading brands.

The company has consistently focused on the research and development of bentonite cat litter, tofu cat litter, and other plant-based cat litter, establishing its R&D team and collaborating with research institutions. After six years of concerted efforts, it successfully developed dust-free and odor-controlling technologies for bentonite cat litter, obtaining three invention patents. The company’s products are exported to over 30 countries and regions worldwide, with a network of more than 400 partners globally.

With a commitment to a decade-long dedication to excellence, Pets Better Choice aims to deeply cultivate the field of cat litter. With a professional spirit, the company strives to create each cat litter granule and empower global partners while addressing the concerns of cat owners and their furry companions worldwide.

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We can offer you samples of less than 5kg for free if you are willing to pay the shipping cost


customization service

Products Customization

We provide customers with customized product customization services: customized cat litter particle diameter, cat particle shape, and cat litter ingredients.

Packaging Customization

We offer you a wide choice of customized packages such as plastic bags, plastic jugs, strong woven, paper sacks, and bottles, bulk packing is available in ton sacks and white plain-woven sacks

Fragrance Customization

All scents can be customized according to your requirements, we can offer hypoallergenic fragrances, liquid fragrances and powder fragrances for your choice

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