Dog Litter

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Dog Litter


Pea Fiber, Corn Starch, Corn Flour, PCMX, Guar Gum, SAP


Longth:10-30mm diameter:1.5-3.0mm

Water Absorption:


Target Species:



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🐾Innovation Meets Nature!

In addition to the plant-based ingredients similar to tofu litter, we add the incorporated
Super Absorbent Polymers, or “SAP” for short—a high-molecular-weight waterabsorbing
resin in dog litter. We consider the larger volume urine of dogs compared
to cats. Featuring hydrophilic groups, SAP can absorb to several times as its own
water weight. This cutting-edge material is commonly used in baby diapers or puppy
training pads, making our dog litter a superior choice for both eco-conscious and
practical pet owners. Keeping your furry friend’s space clean and fresh with the
combined power of nature and science

🐾Fresher Environment for Both You & Your Furry Friend

Our dog litter is mixed with blue deodorizing antibacterial beads, our formula works
tirelessly to absorb odor factors from every angle. Experience a significant reduction
in unpleasant odors emanating from your pet’s waste, as our innovative formula
tackles and neutralizes the source with unparalleled effectiveness.






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