HZ Black Premium Dust-free Crushed Shape Bentonite Cat Litter

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Black Dust-free Crushed Shape Bentonite Cat Litter


Sodium Bentonite



Water Absorption:



4.5kg = Up to 4 weeks, supply for one cat

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Triple Deodorization Process

The triple deodorization process is to embed high-quality activated carbon into the bentonite ore, perfectly combines the activated carbon and the countless tiny pores inside the bentonite, and instantly locks the ammonia in the urine. Embedding technology squeezes deodorant factors into the inner core of litter particles to forcefully eliminate ammonia and smell in urine. Mineral adsorption method and plant liquid gas phase decomposition binary deodorization method: activated mineral porous media is used to adsorb ammonia nitrogen odor molecules in urine, and the plant liquid can then decompose the odor components already adsorbed to avoid the odor molecules volatilizing again.


🐱Quicker water absorption;
🐱Quicker clumping;
🐱Odor absorbing;



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