Adjustable Cat & Dog Recovery Collar

Product Name:

Adjustable Cat & Dog Recovery Collar




S 80g

M 106g

L 136g


Lucky Red, Yellow

Target Species:

Cat, Dog


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🐾Ideal for Quick Recovery:

After surgery, cats or pets like to lick the wound, this cute cat cone can prevent your pets from licking, chewing, and scratching their surgical site or injured area of the body, and help them quickly recover.

🐾Soft & Comfortable:

This cat surgery cone is made of super soft and lightweight cotton, does not irritate pets’ skin and block sight, makes your pets move freely, and does not interfere with their normal activities such as eating, sleeping, playing, etc.

🐾Unique Designed:

Sunflower Style is very cute and interesting, This cat recovery collar is very suitable for your cute kitty, and it will make your cat more cute and charming. it can also be used as a pillow to make your little one sleep better.


Your pets can still lick their front and back paws with wearing this cone. Only useful for wounds on the upper part of the body. Please confirm the position of your lovely pet’s wound before placing the order.







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